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MLB All-Star Skills Competition....

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

One of the topics on my show on Monday will be if we could create a skills competition a la the NBA and NHL, what events would you want to see...


So far i got:


Outfield target practice (Vlad would dominate)

Base running from 1st to home (Reyes vs. Ichiro)

Pitchers HR Derby

5 inning wiffleball game



What else you got?

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strike zone contest- pitchers try to throw as many balls in the strike zone in 2 minutes. extra fun would be that they would have to hit it in a certain area of the strikezone.


or something similar to the mvp05 batting contest...have tractors with targets, trying to aim for certain positions on the field, some can move, others won't. wiki it if you don't know about this.


also, speed throws from different positions on the field, 3rd to first, etc.

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