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Track delegate to MLB: Expunge Bonds' records

Eddie Altamonte

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Track delegate to MLB: Exp

November 29, 2007


Associated Press


HONOLULU (AP) -- A delegate to the annual USA Track and Field convention has called on baseball to treat Barry Bonds as track federations treated Marion Jones: take away the records.


"Baseball's drug policy is a sham," said Robert Weiner, who also served as spokesman for the White House National Drug Policy Office from 1995 to 2001. "Baseball should learn from track and field."


Bonds has been charged with four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to a grand jury about his steroid use. Jones pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators. She has returned her Olympic gold medals, and the International Association of Athletics Federation annulled all her results dating to September 2000.


The convention delegates are meeting this week in Honolulu to establish track and field's policies for next year. Weiner leads track and field's masters program.

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He is not right, but whatever.


If Bonds is found to have used steroids, which seems more and more likely, he should have all his records taken away.


There is no precedent for it. Unless they take all of Palmeiro, Sanchez, Rincon, etc's achievements out as well, they shouldn't do it to Bonds.



Although I would think it would be hilarious to see a scumbag like Bonds records taken away (and see his reaction), it's widely unfair since there are just so many players in the league that had taken the drugs as well... Might as well take away the statistics of half of the players in the league. It would be nice though to make an example of him :whistle

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