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I Hate 'Tom Brady' Thread

Fish Tank Frenzy

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This thread is in place to allow you to vent about a certain player that basically f***ed you in the playoffs.


In my case f*** YOU Tom Brady. After breezing through the regular season securing the top spot having a 1st round bye TOM f***ING BRADY decides to play his worst game in years.


So a BIG f*** YOU is necessary.


If you had Brian Westbrook or Tom Brady this thread is for you. If anyone disappointed you the way Tom Brady disappointed me than this thread is for you.

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Yep, I had both Brady and Westbrook... Honestly when i saw Westbrook "take a dive" I very nearly broke my T.V. into pieces. Brady was pathetic.


The dissapointing thing was that I dominated the league the whole season totaling over 1800 points ( in regular fantasy scoring). yardage... meh... I NEEDED TOUCHDOWNS.

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I fortunately unseated the guy who had Tom Brady from the playoffs the last week, now I need Chester Taylor to get me 30 yards and a TD or 90 yards... in other words, 9 NFL.com fantasy points, I won 10 games in a row going to the playoffs, so I need some luck now...

Failure, came up 6 points (or either TD that Peterson ran in) short...

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