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Livan still loves Miami


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I can't think of two guys who are more different but for the same reasons I find value in Kim, the same thing goes for Livan.


That rubber arm is worth millions to the Marlins and their young staff.


I would guess with Livan the real question would be is he of a mindset that allows him to come here as something other than the ace of the staff, in fact probably pitching closer to the back of the rotation than the front?

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NO! He didnt give me squat. Just took his panda and walked out! I guess if he is gonna be doing stuff like that, he might was well be doing it in a Marlins uniform right?? hahaha.


Unbelievable that guy.



Don't be offended it's a Cuban thing, I am Cuban myself, it's in our bloods to be ladies men. LOL Sorry it had to be your girlfriend though, that's harsh man. My dad did a job for him during 1997, and he was nice, he even had a whole fridge for them everyday at his house full of soda, Kool Aid, and many other stuff. But he did screw the contractor at the end of the deal he ended up getting the house for free because it wasn't built on time, LOL! Good news is my dad did get paid for his job.





So I chose a unique way to put a ladies man, so what? lol

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