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Verlander for Sabathia?


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I'd keep Verlander, to be honest.


Although, since you're asking about the pens, take away Borowski (who's injured now), the Indians have Betancourt, Perez, and Lewis (all 3 were awesome last year).


But the Tigers have a better lineup.

I'd keep Verlander, although I heard his velocity's been down this year?

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id say you blow it. you would have gotten the best of that trade. oh well good thing its only april. im sure you can get an other lopsided trade from the same guy if he sent you one.


blew it, i put it on hold and at the last second, he thought he was giving up too much :banghead

This is a league among friends, everyone almost tore into him for sending that to me. I think he might be a bit to paranoid to trade now. But he has the best offense out of all of us and he needs pitching. But he doesn't want to trade any bi of the offense. Oh well :confused

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