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Fantasy Football Update


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My main team on Yahoo is now 5-1. This girl that shares the top record with me is talking smack hard on me. I think she's flirting. :mischief


I'm trying to trade Aaron Rodgers to get Frank Gore.


Three of my headline players are on bye weeks this week.


My ESPN team is up to 2-4. I think I'm poised for a rally, but what do I know?

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My main team is 4-2, Brees, Brown, Houshmanzadeh in a 12 man league would be my main pieces.



My side team is 3-3, started off 3-1 though, but losses to Addai, Boldin, starting Palmer over Rodgers for week 1 and 2, and having a terrible bench would be reasons why I am failing atm. This team is seriously good though, take a look at this, talent-wise, 8-man league:


QB - Aaron Rodgers

RB - Michael Turner

RB - Joseph Addai

RB - Admin Johnson

WR - Braylon Edwards

WR - Anquan Boldin

TE - Tony Gonzalez

D/ST - New Orleans

K - Rob Bironas


That team shames be, best drafted team, and CRAP out of it.

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Thanks to a big Monday night by Drew Brees (was there ever any doubt?), I rallied back in Yahoo! to win by a point, 92-91.


Such a rally was unnecessary in ESPN. That was an utter blowout, a 98-56 win on the backs of big days by Matt Forte and the Bears D.


The ESPN playoff picture is a bit muddy (I'm top in my division, but have two teams behind me 1 GB and I'm facing the other division leader this week), but I've clinched a playoff spot and control my own destiny for a bye in Yahoo!.

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Anyone else in the playoffs? I am. In both Yahoo! and ESPN.


I lost the last game in both leagues. Ended up being the "away team" (like that matters) in the two-week-long division final in ESPN. At the end of week 14, I was ahead by 9. Going into Monday night, each of us with one left (I have Braylon Edwards, they have the Eagles D/ST), I have a 39-point lead. Safe to say I'm headed to the finals. (EDIT: I ultimately won by 33.)


In Yahoo!, I clinched the #2 seed and a first-round bye in the six-team playoff. This week, with nothing left for either of us, I have an 89-89 tie. The first tiebreaker is TD's scored by each team's starters. I have six. They have four. I advanced.


The girl that's been talking smack to me...she got the #1 seed, but this week, she's getting blown out by 19 points (EDIT: She lost by 47. Ouch!), and her opponent still had two players to go.

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