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Im I Possessed?


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Over the last two years iv been through some things that have made be more bitter then a ripe lemmon, including the death of my grandpa, a big move,and a few other things, iv become distant to eveyone, I pretty much defend myself with everyone I come in contact because I feel like they are going to hurt me.And I have become Very Hatefull,even to some of my friends.


Today I went over to my friends house, I went to put popcorn in the microwave, turned it on, but it would not get hot, no poping, nothing.Tried putting something else in and the thing was still cold even after 5 min. She said that it worked fine before I got there, even she tried it herself with me there and it didnt work, its the most simple thing to work in the world. Anyway, after I left I got a call saying that after I left she put some popcorn in it, and it worked fine, I told her maybe my energy field is so out of wack it messed it up untill my energy field left the room. Now Im starting to think..


I know its a kinda funny story, but anyone ever have that kind of situation

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