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Let's Play "Who Do You Trust?"


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Rainy day and I guess press conferences take on a new meaning when you're trying to find something write about...


Both Joe Capozzi and Clark Spencer covered the same PR confab and lo and behold come away with a completely different take on what transpired or at least the headlines would lead the reader to think so.


(reprinted here in their order of appearance on the web)


Sanchez ahead of Morrison in Florida Marlins first-base battle





SARASOTA -- If slumping Logan Morrison doesn't pick up the pace at the plate, he'll come out on the short end in his battle with Gaby Sanchez for the starting job at first base.


Florida Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez, though quick to note that he hasn't given one look at either player's Grapefruit League numbers, said the decision won't be difficult if one player holds a distinct statistical edge over the other come the end of spring training.


``I've always said I want both of them to hit .390,'' Gonzalez said. ``But, obviously, if one's hitting .390 and the other's hitting .057 -- competition is competition. If one guy's hitting .380 and the other guy hits .060, we can't say, `Wait a second, the other guy makes the team.' ''


At the moment, Sanchez is ahead on numbers. He has gone 6 for 15 and walked twice but has not driven in a run. Morrison is 1 for 18 with two walks and three RBI.


Gonzalez said his main concern now is to make sure the two candidates end up with about an equal number of at bats.


``I haven't even looked at the batting averages,'' Gonzalez said. ``I haven't decided one way or the other, or rooting for one guy or the other. I'm just letting 'em play.


``There's always a chance that neither wins the job, Jorge Cantu slides back to first base, and someone else -- Rule 5 pick Jorge Jimenez, perhaps -- winds up at third.


``A lot can happen,'' Gonzalez said of the Morrison/Sanchez competition at first. ``The only thing that separates them for me is one is left-handed [Morrison] and other is right-handed [sanchez]. They're that close. If we start breaking them down, it's splitting hairs.''


(more Marlins news at http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/12/1526577/sanchez-ahead-of-morrison-in-florida.html )


to which Joe Capozzi at the PBP writes and by the timing you would think it chose his words to retort his competitor's coverage...Their respective lead paragraphs says it all.




Neither Gaby Sanchez nor Logan Morrison

is ahead in race for first-base job


By Joe Capozzi


SARASOTA — A little more than a week into spring competition, manager Fredi Gonzalez said there's no clear front-runner for the first base job, despite the disparity in statistics.


Gaby Sanchez is batting .400 (6-for-15 with two walks) and Logan Morrison is batting .056 (1-for-18 with two walks), but Gonzalez said it's way too early to make any assumptions about who's likely to start the season at first base.


"I'm not even looking at the numbers right now. Just let them go out and play. A lot can happen," Gonzalez said Friday.


"The only thing that separates them for me is one bats left-handed (Morrison) and the other is right-handed (Sanchez). They're that close, for me. If you want to start breaking them down, we're going to be splitting hairs."


Gonzalez said he doesn't want Morrison to feel any extra pressure because he's not hitting well after one week.


"I've always said I want both of them to hit .390," Gonzalez said, "but obviously if one is hitting .390 and the other is hitting .057 (later in camp): Competition is competition."


Gonzalez has been impressed with infielder Jorge Jimenez, who's 2-for-9 (.222) in six games. Jimenez could start at third base, moving Jorge Cantu to first.


Jimenez is a rule 5 draft pick, so he'll get offered back to Boston if he doesn't make the Marlins' roster.


( http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/marlins/neither-gaby-sanchez-nor-logan-morrison-is-ahead-347009.html and again more to this story and Marlins coverage by following this link)

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im not sure who i believe but the first article was more convincing to me...but then again, i also believe that gaby should be our starting 1st baseman so my bias my fuel how i looked at the articles


question though...if jimenez makes the initial 25 man squad...could he be moved down later in the year or would he be returned and if so, would we get any compensation from houston? or did we essentially trade lindstrom for nothing if jimenez doesnt make the team?

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Sounds like a whole lot of crock from Fredi. Its pretty hard to believe he would throw out numbers like ".390" and ".057" completely off the top of his head considering they are spot on.


Unless the reporters brought Gaby's and Morrison's exact averages to Fredi's attention, he HAS to be keeping an eye on the stats.

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Who am I supposed to trust?


Which one of these guys do you consider a bad journalist?


I can't keep up.


Also, reporters don't write headlines.



re: headlines..That used to be true before the huge staff cuts both (all) newspapers have endured but these days posts like sports blogs are left pretty much to the reporters posting to them (if they want) which is where Capozzi posted his comments. I'm not saying he did or didn't I would guess he wrote it in direct response to what had appeared in the Herald just before. I have no idea if Spencer did or not provide headline ideas with his copy but anyone reading his lead who assume if the headline wasn't written by the same person it was written by someone who skimmed the first paragraph and went from there. It's Friday afternoon/evening they are busy trying to close sections of their Sunday editions with the skeleton crews left in the newsrooms of both newspapers. This would hardly be a priority.


As for "bad journalism", that's the kind leap you usually see from some amateur Woodward or Bernstein, I don't think I called either bad at their craft. Just pointing out two pros in the same room came away with almost completely opposing angles on what they heard which makes it difficult for those who weren't (there) to decipher whose message has the most credibility.

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I seriously doubt Morrison makes the 25-man roster so soon. He didn't even play a full season thanks to injuries last year. While he was good when he was playing, I don't see a reason to rush him.


I still would have preferred to bring in a veteran to compete with Sanchez/Morrison/Jimenez/whoever, because I don't really like any of those options right now. Sanchez is the most likely candidate to win, especially since he's already done everything he can in the minors.


I'm also not putting any stock into ST numbers. Some of us around here remember Abraham Nunez tearing up the Grapefruit League several years ago, and then disappearing into the abyss once the season started. I think that year he hit more HRs in ST than in his entire MLB career.

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i think sanchez will win it and he has to. he is 4 years older than morrison and this is probably his last real chance. also if jimenez has a good spring i am all for him being our guy off the bench and i liked what i saw from him when i watched the game against the mets. the guy is huge i actually thought it was ryan howard.

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