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Free Agent Bargain of 2011


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It might just be Jeff Francis. He had an era of 5.00 but his whip was comparable to De la Rosa´s, who´s probably going to fleece some team into paying him 36 million. Chris Young will go for an incentive laden contract, but all it might take to get Francis is a guaranteed contract b/w 1-3 million. The reason aside from his deceptively poor season last year, is that he had shoulder surgically in 2008 and it nagged him last season.

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I like Francis too but a lot of teams are after him. A guy to keep your eyes on should be Javier Vazquez who is a pitcher that Loria has a man crush on because of their time together in Montreal. He would benefit from a return to the N.L. and I think he's a far better bet to make than Carl Pavano.


Only problem is, our current best 5 starting pitchers are right handers, and West is 6th.


We need a lefty. Javy would be interesting, but we need Jorge De La Rosa, Jeff Francis, Jarrod Washburn, or the wild card, Erik Bedard. Marlins don't like paying for a maybe.... but maybe it's time to gamble on a big incentive 1 year deal. Trade options are probably limited, so that's really the list.


I also think there will be some DFA's, like Ryan Sweeney, who will make a lot of sense to help at CF/Bench and will be huge bargains. Not world beaters, but good solid players to stopgap appropriately.

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