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Tonights Game on TV?

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It's not just the guide saying that for me, on SS the Rays game is on and on FS the Panthers game is on. UGH!!! NOT a f***ing happy girl right now! Comcast is about to get an earful.


It shows that it's on ch, 780. I realize that ch.780 is probably the MLB extra innings channel, but sometimes you can still get the local game on those channels. It's probably a long shot though,

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We live in Boca Raton...called Comcast and were told the game was 'blacked out!'.....Then they tried to sell us an MLB package... We have hockey on one station and the Rays on another...channel 780 is featuring the game but there's nothing to see...screen's black! Totally annoyed!! Called the Marlins, got an answering machine. Not a happy camper!! All I want to do is talk to an intelligent human being who can tell me why this is all screwed up!

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^^^ Same exact thing here. So pissed. Especially since I have to work all day tomorrow and can't watch that game either, and they have an off day monday. THIS IS NOT HOW I LIKE TO START A SEASON. :mad

Called Comcast this morning (Sunday) and they said the problem was with Fox Sports Net which arbitrarily blacked out the game. The woman said Comcast is looking into the matter as their contract is with MLB. This also happened once during the football season. I asked her how often this kind of thing happens and she responded, "Rarely." So here's to hoping today's game is on TV as scheduled.

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