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Anonymous targets facebook

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i really like this group. this is some v for vendetta sh*t happening in reality. though i use facebook, i will be glad to see it go down for a day (or however long it goes down). have y'all heard about how all your contacts from your smart phone are saved on facebook? checked into that today and sure enough, all the numbers from my cell phone were saved on there, whether it was people who had facebooks or not.

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Anonymous has supposedly announced their new target.




IDK about you but this group scares the s*** out of me.


growing up being friends with hackers gave me the opposite perspective. They aren't a bunch of anchorless supergenii hell bent on tearing down the establishment; just a bunch of self employed tech savies who got borred posting "watcha drinkin?" threads on 4chan and responding to everything with a bachelor frog meme.

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