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  1. and i got a second job. what's something cheap and fun i should buy to celebrate?
  2. ricky nolasco tied a record and set a record tonight (most franchise k's and most runs ever allowed by a starter), so that's kind of cool. i turned off the game when cameron f***ed up that catch, honestly. checked back a little into it and they were down by 11. quite a heartbreaker, thanks ricky.
  3. mike stanton looks like the rock from wwe. hence my icon.
  4. it feels like june all over again
  5. i'm not the biggest lomo fan, but this is kind of disappointing. but on the upside, no more wes helms! yeah!
  6. Separation of church and state my ass. Why does the government care so much about anything we do? Legalize drugs, legalize gay marriage, legalize the sale of sex and tax them as needed. Not only does that create revenue for the government, but it creates jobs and cuts down on crime as well.
  7. i really like this group. this is some v for vendetta sh*t happening in reality. though i use facebook, i will be glad to see it go down for a day (or however long it goes down). have y'all heard about how all your contacts from your smart phone are saved on facebook? checked into that today and sure enough, all the numbers from my cell phone were saved on there, whether it was people who had facebooks or not.
  8. gitfukd

    Your first car

    1997 pontiac grand prix gtp. v6 with a super charger and it had this awesome computer on the dash with a "boost" bar that would go up if you floored it. that car was so much fun to drive, but the a/c didn't work and it was all black and leather, so driving in the summer was like driving in an oven.
  9. so buck's been playing pretty well since the all-star break, or he's at least become someone we can count on for a clutch hit, even if the rest of the team can't pull together to win after he helps out (yes, i'm referring to tuesday's 3-run homer). he's an underrated power hitter, but alas, we have to get the point. he's pretty much the uncle of the team. sure, he's not the MOST reliable person we've got. he's not an all-star player, but god damnit, when we really need him, he's there for us. i dub thee, Uncle Buck
  10. this is a real nail biter. btw, i'm new to the boards, nice to meet y'all.
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