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Marlins Minor League Free Agents


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Florida Marlins (31)

RHP: Jeff Allison (AA), Alex Caldera (Lo A), Todd Doolittle (AAA), Kris Harvey (AA), Miguel Mejia (Lo A), Adalberto Mendez (AAA), Chris Sampson (SS), Zach Simons (AAA), Dallas Trahern (AA), Adam Veres (Lo A), Sean Watson (Lo A), Kyle Winters (Lo A)

LHP: Darin Downs (AAA), Victor Garate (AAA)

C: Brad Davis (AAA), Miguel Fermin (AAA), Luke Montz (AA), Clint Sammons (AAA)

2B: Joe Bonadonna (Lo A), Tim Torres (AAA), Ramon Vazquez (AAA)

3B: Mike Cervenak (AAA), Neil Sellers (AA)

SS: Jeff Dominguez (Hi A), Chris Gutierrez (AA)

OF: Chris Aguila (AAA), Jose Duarte (Hi A), Josh Kroeger (AAA), Jorge Padilla (AAA), Sergio Pedroza (Hi A), Alex Romero (AAA)

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Just to update who's gone, who's staying and who's been signed from other organizations

Gone-Brad Davis (SD), Downs (Det), Victor Garate (Mil), Rottino (Nyn), Sanches (Phi), Zach Simmons (Col), Thirston (Hou) and oh noooo! Kyle Winters (Was)

Coming back-Cervenak, J. Dominguez, Fermin, Guiterrez, Montz, Pedroza, and Sammons

New-Alberto Bastardo-P, Shawn Bowman-3B, Rob Delaney-P, Chad Gaudin-P, Nick Green-SS, Beau Jones-P, J.D. Martin-P, Robert Ray-P and Donovan Solano-2B

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