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Marlins the main focus of "SportsNation"

Wild Card

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I posted the infante/boni photo on one of the arizona pages I post at and this is the response so far


Did they actually pay for someone to do research and come to the point that this is nice?



OMFG that is by far the ugliest baseball uniform I have seen in my entire life.


I feel for Marlins' fans.


And they're allegedly courting Pujols today too. Just don't show him the uni he would have to wear; otherwise, it's a complete deal breaker.



So the Marlins are officially demoted to A-ball?

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These are from when the leaked logo came out


It looks like the Florida Marlins hired the same 8 year old who designed the OKC Thunder logo to do the new Miami Marlins logo.



That or they're telling us where the Metro is.



It's the Mountainside Fitness logo!



Wow, that is really bad


Don't buy that that is it. They aren't unveiling the official logo until November. It has been 'leaked.' I'll only believe this is it until it is official because it is so awful.

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Why do we care to see 86 different random quotes from D'backs fans?



They are Douchebags in my opinion. They had a playoff team this year, and they hardly drew flies to a domed stadium that is comfortable to watch games from. What the hell excuse do they have, and why doesn't the media give them a hard time about it ? I hate the Diamondbacks fans.

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Oh. I thought you meant Sportsnation the show.


Not sure if this is sarcasm, but OP was indeed referring to the section on ESPN that inspired the show - I might have that causation backward, though.

When I first saw the thread title, I thought it was referring to the show. I had forgotten about the section on the website. No sarcasm. The section has been around way longer than the show. I think the show is only a year old. I don't watch it though.

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