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Censorship in MLB2K12


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So I tried to make the first name of my player "balls" and it told me that I had used inappropriate language and "needed to clean it up" to be allowed to use my player online. I found that offensive.

Another time, XBL censored my avatars "catch phrase"

And Nintendo..well - friend codes suck ass.

I've seen it all over video games - the censorship of behavior (not content) becoming increasingly prevelant. Is it right? Is it logical? I think it's asinine to give players the ability to live chat AND mute/ignore trashtalk.. Then turn around and tell me what's appropriate.

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The big deal is an increasing tendency towards regulating online conduct.. Something I disagree with.

The issue extends all the way into every form of media.. Censoring "world trade" in juicy by Biggie bothers me. Censoring the word alcohol, not letting me name my player bAlls, etc

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Not trying to be a dick but I cant wrap my head around why 18yr old plus adults feel the need to have immature stupid names on xbox.



I'd be pissed if the game blocked it offline.


There's nothing more I want than to name my baseball player Balls McLongcock.


However online, I understand and I don't give a sh*t.

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