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Let's talk Oakland...

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The A's are in contention for a wild card spot which I'm sure comes as a surprise to everyone. Does anyone see this run they're on as sustainable through the rest of the season? I'm leaning more towards no, eventually these one-run wins can become one-run losses. It's a pretty good story so far though, I've managed to go to at least one game every other week or so and the close games have been fun to watch.


They've been rumored to be small buyers, not going after a big name but trying to get at least a slight upgrade at trouble spots (the left side of the infield mainly). Their hopes pretty much rely on the young arms maintaining their stuff through the end of the year and maybe showing slight improvement in road starts.


On a side-note, Dan Straily has been awesome in the PCL so far and might be the next guy to get called up if they deal Colon.

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They lead the league with 12 walk-off wins this year.


Their fans are definitely enjoying this season.



A couple of years ago during the Giants World Series run they coined 'Giants baseball: Torture.' Well apparently that's spread to the other side of the bay this year.


The crowds still aren't huge, but they're all still enthusiastic as hell. I sat near the drum section last week in the RF bleachers. Those guys are a blast and who can hate on the Bernie?



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