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Adam Dunn Retires


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Dunn's stats, especially after you take defense into consideration, do not warrant much of a discussion. At the most, it would be a very short discussion and that has nothing to do with Delgado.


I could have said Dunn wasn't worth an all star vote and you'd find a way to compare him to Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.


Dunn deserved a second ballot, Delgado certainly deserved a second ballot.



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Or maybe you are just flat out wrong? You have history of doing that.


I mean, sure, a second ballot wouldn't be uncalled for, but that doesn't really mean much in the end. Personally I think that they should raise the lower limit from 5 to 10% anyway.


5% or 10% doesn't matter, what should be done is come to a gentlemans agreement on how to deal with Steroid Users who have been confirmed users and eliminate those votes for McGwire, Bonds, Clemens and others who have been found guilty or admitted guilt in the court of law or in public. Theres no reason for 30% of the majority to say "He used roids, but hes still one of the best" and those votes essentially being thrown away while qualified canidates such as Schilling, Martinez, and others are held back.


A clear understanding, among all who elect - not even in any bylaws or rulebook- would go a long way in solving the logjam of the next few ballots- and would have helped this one as well.



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Well, yeah, there needs to be a more concerted approach to solving the PED problem, but really only to establish some end game scenario. Nobody really knows what's going to happen to Bonds or Clemens. Are they out completely or are the writers waiting until the last year of eligibility?


But this has little to do with Schilling or Edgar Martinez, I think. Both of those guys have their own shortcomings that easily trump the ballot logjam "problem." Schilling's numbers aren't obviously HOF worthy and Martinez has the DH haunting him.


But I don't see what any of this has to do with Adam Dunn. The guy had only 4 seasons with WARs over 3.0. He's an underrated hitter because of the batting average thing, but he shouldn't be a major part of the HOF discussion.


Honestly, I don't see any player who was really victimized in an overt way by the ballot system this year. Delgado needed like 7 votes more only to make 5% but there was still room on innumerable ballots (that had not reached the maximum) to stuff him.



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If the writers are purposely waiting for their last years on the ballot for bonds and Clemens to get in that's incredibly stupid.


If they're trying to make a statement against the PED users then never let them in... Making them wait but still letting them in doesn't make a statement because in the end they still become Hall of Famers despite the longer wait.

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