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Fudge sound off


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Guest marlins02

i remember this old episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will was working for some crazy a** superstitious buisness guy that actually took buisness advice from his dog...and then stuffed the dog after it got hit by a car (after which i believe he invested in the company that made the car that ran him over because he thought the dog was telling him something by chasing it).


I bet after Pudge gets off the phone with Boras he goes and talks with his statue

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Something that will make all of us feel better


Some Negatives Comments on Fudge:


Few regulars in the majors swing at more bad pitches than Rodriguez. But no one does more with bad pitches than Rodriguez. There are drawbacks to the let-no-pitch-pass approach. Rodriguez' career high for walks is 38, and he has posted an on-base percentage of more than .360 just once. His tendency to hit pitchers' pitches makes him a double-play threat. He has grounded into at least a dozen double plays in seven consecutive seasons, and has 74 double-play grounders in the last four years alone. Those outs take their toll on a club

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have you guys ever though he didnt wanna play for the marlins? so he turned down the deal, maybe money wasn't the reason why he didnt sign with marlins. :mischief2

I dont see how in the world thats the case. He was closer to home and he won a world series w/ us. why in the world wouldnt he wanna be here?!?! What and u think he'd like being w/ the cubs or somethin? like its any better over there.... :thumbdown

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just so it's clear.... the figure 3 years / 21 mil is false.


he was offered that amount yesterday and he turned it down. the poster who mentioned it was mistaken.

That may have been me quoting from the Washington Post news alerts, but the $21 was (apparently) the guaranteed figure after all. Today's Baltimore Sun clarifies it better:


"They have been in serious negotiations with Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, and several industry sources yesterday were predicting that the Orioles would sign Rodriguez to a three-year contract with a base salary of $7 million a season and incentives that would allow Rodriguez to earn $10 million a year."



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