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  1. lol, you have nothing to say at all
  2. Cubs are in 1st place in the Wild Card and Marlins lost to the Dbacks once again, shame shame shame.
  3. I cannot believe the Cubs got Nomar, It Surprised me, I still can't belive Nomar is a Cub, I can't believe they pulled it off.
  4. oh. I have that issue *gives it to Admin*
  5. who's on the cover of that issue? some swimmer guy?
  6. 1. Beckett 2. Lowell 3. Cabrera 4. Pierre 5. Benitez 6. Penny 7. Castillo 8. Conine 9. Pavano 10. Willis i like that one
  7. why the hell isn't Beckett first?
  8. no i wasn't saying anything about them being as good as clemens. i was just saying there combind age is almost the same as clemens
  9. its pretty funny. Wood/Prior combined age is 49 and Clemens is 42
  10. I think the Astros rotation is wildly overrated. I think so too. Pettittes ERA was over 4 and he won 21 games. He'll find out real soon that he won't win 21 games without that great yankee offense with a ERA over 4.
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