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2004 Slogan Contest Round 7


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i'm going to go with In Jack We Trust because it's short, catchy, and original.

How is it original? its said everywhere. In ______ we trust. Its played out 2 the max. EXACTLY. yet you prefer the future is now?


care to do a google search on that phrase?




66,600 results. you could use those precise words for ANYTHING.



in jack we trust would be a unique slogan.


do a google search on that one if you'd like.



(9 results)

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take away the pair of quotation marks on IN JACK WE TRUST


and there will be 1,070,000 results



do you know how to use google? yeah


although I usually dont use google to help me make every day decisions


but besides the point In Jack We Trust is focused to much on just Jack not the team as a whole.


but thats just me

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