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Q: What are the names of the three fairies who care for Princess Aurora in Disney's Sleeping Beauty?



HINT: If you have the movie, go to the beginning of the movie when they are at the banquet and the fairies grant the wishes to Aurora. When they first come out, the fairies are introduced by name. ORRR....find it here.... http://www.corky.net/scripts/SleepingBeauty.html

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Furman, you have the countries right so I'll let you finish it off. Here are some clues: French women, now a saint, and was executed by being burnt at the stake.


If that doesn't give it to ya I don't know what will.

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see, I was thinkin Joan of Arc, but I didnt wanna look dumb if I was wrong. Then a little birdie IMed me and told me that's who it was.


Answer: Joan of Arc



Um, Georgia? (Not a Civil War buff, sorry)

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