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5/22 Marlins @ Mets- Kale Ebb's Myth

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Kale Ebb takes on 'Za Kwieler and attempts to disprove his own myth.


Here is the lineup for the Marlins:


1. Mar "Tin" Prado (delicate)


2. J. Cobb "Tiler" Realmuto (Marlins catcher J. Cobb doubles as a tile installer in the offseason)


3. Jus "Tin" Bour (delicate- Jus and Mar are at odds about who gets to keep the nickname)


4. "Star" Lin-Manuel Castro (definitely throwing away his shot at a World Series this year)


5. Brianderson (one name, one game- baseball)


6. Derr Eckdee Trick (part of Kale Ebb's Myth is tricking you with Derr Eckdee)


7. Mig "Elle" Rojas (baseball locker rooms are still homophobic, and Mig was caught with a tear in his eye after watching an ASPCA commercial)


8. Lew Is Brin's Son (some people aren't aware, but Marlins center fielder Lew is actually the son of Brin)


9. Kale Ebb's Myth (no one knows how to solve the myth unless you simply don't try to solve it and get a free pass to first base)



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Most boring announcers on the planet.....ok well, maybe not that severe, but I can't stand how Severino doesn't TRULY sound excited when something good happens for the Marlins......it's all fake and phony and he couldn't be more obvious that he doesn't give a shit.



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