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The infamous "Bartman Ball" is sold at auction...


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Hey Marlins Fans!!!!!


I know I hadn't posted here in a while, and I know things aren't all that lovely in Marlinland. Well...that's the price for winning a world championship. And even though...at least in the eyes of many outside of south Florida, this isn't the massive salary dump similar to the 1997 post-season, needless to say...many of the people who helped the Marlins win it all will wear different uniforms in 2004. That's tough...especially with the rumors of I-Rod coming to the Cubs (God forbid). I can understand I-Rod wanting more money, but that's what happens when you win a World Series. It costs money to win, and it costs money to keep winning players.


At least you're not going through what we White Sox fans are going through. Many of the players who helped the Sox get a respectable record last season are gone via free agency. Some people are comparing the lack of activity and loss of players to an infamous period in Sox history...the "White Flag Trade of 1997." The Sox were only a few games behind division powerhouse Cleveland late in the year, when Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf traded away many of the veteran players for younger talent. He said that if the Sox thought they would compete with the Indians for the division title that year they "were crazy." Once word got out of his comments, Sox fans stayed away from Comiskey Park in droves. Even now, people are still staying away from U.S. Cellular Field because of that move. In fairness, the trade did bring players who helped the Sox win the 2000 A.L. Central Division, it was still a rough time to be a Sox fan.


Okay...back to the point of this post. The ball known as the "Bartman Ball" here in Chicago was put on the auction block by a suburban Chicago attorney who got the ball after Steve Bartman's interference in game 6 of the NLCS. We all obviously know what happened, but that ball went for a pretty penny. Remember...bidding STARTED at $5,000.


Here's the link to the auction site...check out the numbers...


Hope you like the story.

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Restaurant Buys Ball From Cubs' Loss

56 minutes ago


By BENNIE M. CURRIE, Associated Press Writer


CHICAGO - Harry Caray's restaurant paid $106,600 for the infamous baseball deflected by a fan, and the owners want to destroy the ball and close an agonizing chapter in Cubs history.



"Destroying it hopefully will have kind of a cathartic effect for the fans," said winning bidder Grant DePorter, a friend of the late broadcaster and managing partner of his restaurant.



DePorter bought the ball in an Internet auction and said he plans to destroy it Feb. 26, when the restaurant organizes a worldwide toast to Caray, who died in 1998. He said he would ask fans for ideas on how to do it.



"We want to create some closure to the way the season ended," DePorter said. He also said, "We weren't about to let it get into the hands of a Marlins fan."



Cubs fan Steve Bartman deflected the foul ball in Game 6 of the National League (news) championship series on Oct. 14. The ball appeared to be headed for the glove of left fielder Moises Alou, but it ricocheted off Bartman's hand and the Florida Marlins (news) rallied, beating Chicago 8-3. The Cubs then lost Game 7 and missed a chance to reach their first World Series (news - web sites) since 1945.



The auction was handled by MastroNet Inc. of suburban Oak Brook. Thirty-seven bids had been made on the ball by the time the auction closed at about 4 a.m.



MastroNet said the seller was a 33-year-old Chicago attorney identified only as "Jim." According to the company, he was sitting near Bartman and picked up the ball when it bounced his way.



Mark Theotikos, MastroNet's vice president of auction operations, said the winning bid came from an individual in the Chicago area.



"It'll be mentioned in the same breath as the Sam Sianis' billy goat," he said, referring to the tale of a local tavern owner who put a curse on the Cubs in 1945 when he was not allowed to bring his pet goat into Wrigley Field. "Everyone knows who Bartman is. ... He's become like the mascot."



The ball was authenticated using affidavits, ticket stubs and other information, the company said.



DePorter said that Bartman will be invited to attend the event when the ball is destroyed. Messages left Friday by The Associated Press with Bartman and his spokesman were not immediately returned.


Link: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...aseball_auction

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no matter what that poor retarded kids life is ruined.


thanks Bartman :thumbup

He's actually a very well spoken person. My Uncle wrote to him a couple days after the incident and just the other day got a hand written personalized letter back from Steven Bartman saying that he's going on with a "semi" regular life and although he will never forget what happened, he's putting it behind him the best he can.


He's not "retarded" :blink: he's only 24, and already has a rather lucrative job, (some kind of engineer).


You shouldn't be happy if you think his life is ruined, thats just low.

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