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Rotation Options Going Forward


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I was looking at the upcoming games and I was trying to do a little 4D chess with the rotation and match ups for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. Here is what I propose:

Looks like Donnie has made up his mind on Urena this afternoon.

9/18 vs WAS (DH)- I would start Sixto in the 1st game and one of Neidert/Garrett/Castano for the 2nd game.
9/19 vs WAS- Pablo
9/20 vs WAS (DH)- I would push back Sandy's start so that he can pitch on Monday vs Atlanta instead. Use the two pitchers who did not go on Friday.
9/21 @ ATL- Sandy
9/22 @ ATL- Whoever you trust more between Urena/Rogers
9/23 @ ATL- Sixto
9/24 @ ATL- Pablo
9/25 @ NYY- Tag team of the guy who didn't pitch in the 2nd game vs ATL and the guy who pitched the 2nd game in the 1st DH vs WAS.
9/26 @ NYY- Sandy
9/27 @ NYY- Tag team of the two pitchers who pitched in the 2nd DH vs WAS or the guy who pitched in the 2nd game vs ATL


I would decide on the match ups after tonight's games and would tell the tag team guys that they are only expected to go around 3 innings and that they shouldn't hold anything back to go long in the game. This would hopefully help them have better stuff just like a SP to RP tends to have.



WC1(9/30)- Sixto
WC2(10/1)- Pablo / Sandy
WC3(10/2)(if necessary)- Sandy / Pablo

NLDS1(10/6)- Sixto
NLDS2(10/7)- Pablo / Sandy
NLDS3(10/8 Sandy / Pablo

When Sixto, Pablo, or Sandy aren't available you can either use one of the other starters who is hot or do a tag team effort like in the Yankees series


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