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Rays eliminate road grays


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7 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

I agree that teams shouldn't have too many uniforms but I don't like that Nike is forcing teams to get rid of existing traditional uniforms. Lame move.

Yeah, I think it should be 4 + throwback + city connect.

Home white, road gray, 2 alts (so for us, the black, and add a blue one), throwback and city connect.

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25 minutes ago, Michael said:

Seems like a lot of teams getting rid of grays lately.

Personally, they don't do anything for me - I find them the most boring of any set, and am not sure why any fan would buy them - I'd rather have a home white or color alternate than gray.  For instance, I bought the orange jersey and blue jerseys (it wasn't ever worn on field) during the 2012 era, and the blue ST version of the current set.

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