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Dennis Green To Cards


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Wednesday, January 7, 2004



ESPN.com news services

The Arizona Cardinals and Dennis Green have reached an agreement in principle to make him the Cardinals' next head coach, ESPN.com has learned.



Green, who spent 10 seasons as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, will receive a four-year deal worth about $11 million.



Team attorneys and Green's agent spent much of Wednesday exchanging faxes and the contractual language should be completed by Wednesday night.



"It looks like it will happen," Green said. ""All that's left is to dot the I's and to cross the T's. It's an exciting opportunity."



As reported by ESPN.com on Tuesday, Green and Cardinals officials met in San Diego for a follow-up interview after first meeting last Wednesday at the team's complex. A few hours later, after team officials returned to Phoenix to brief owner Bill Bidwill, the Cardinals made Green an offer.



Both parties were interested in striking a deal that would end Green's two-year absence from the league (he's been an ESPN studio analyst the last two years). Green has had the support, from the outset of the courtship, of Arizona's vice president of football operations Rod Graves. He then gained favor with vice president Michael Bidwill, the owner's son.



It is believed Green will have considerable control over football operations. Green also was interviewed by the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders, but the Redskins and Joe Gibbs have an agreement and sources close to Green said Tuesday night he believes the Raiders situation could be "treacherous," even given the coach's long and close relationship with owner Al Davis.



Said one source: "Denny really believes he can get that thing [in Arizona]turned around. If he can get himself a quarterback, and they'll be in position to draft somebody like [Eli] Manning, they could win in a couple years."



The Cardinals, who will move into a new stadium in two years, need a head coach with a track record of success to energize their pitifully small fan base.



Other candidates for the Arizona job were former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel, a one-time Cardinals offensive coordinator, and current NFL defensive coordinators Jim Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles and Romeo Crennel of the New England Patriots.



Sources said that, during Tuesday's interview with Green, the Cardinals asked him what they called "tough questions," including queries about past off-field incidents. Green is said to have been candid and, for the second time, very impressive in expressing to officials his on-field and personnel philosophies.



Green was 101-70 during his 10 seasons with the Vikings and went to the playoffs eight times.



Information from ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli and John Clayton was used in this report.

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As much of a jerk as he is.


He's an iffy coach.


He'll always be remembered for costing the Vikings 2 Super Bowl opportunities! :D


Both times going conservative play calling on offense. The Falcons game was the game that if they had won, they'd have crushed the Broncos as much as I don't want to say it.


But first they need a QB and that offense could be potentially great.


Smith and Shipp will be sufficive for the time being in the backfield. But with Boldin, Johnson, and Freddie Jones at WR and TE respectively they need a QB to distribute the ball to those weapons.


And with that O-Line and their FB James Hodgins being one of the more underrated players at the FB position, that offense is on the verge of dangerous levels.


But if they can get a solid QB in the 1st round this team is dangerous on offense, and the pieces are there for Green to run the style of West Coast offense he likes to run except for at QB.


But McCown could be a sneaker.... :whistle


Anyway, though, the guys a good coach in the regular season, but buckles in the playoffs. Maybe its just the Minnesota Playoffs Jinx.


Who knows?


All in all a solid hire for Arizona, I give it a 7/10.


Have a good draft as far as getting a QB, a fast young LB, a fast and agressive CB and a big mammoth DT to free up Wendell Bryant and this team could go places.


Not to mention if they can get a Free Agent Signing or 2 on Defense and a seasoned veteran as a backup QB or one that can show a rookie QB the ropes.


Zona is really only a few pieces away from putting things together into a winner, as odd as it may sound.


But really they got a good young core of talent, and some solid Veterans, but they are just 4-6 solid players in the Draft and FA from being an 8-8 type team.

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Denny is a fantastic coach and contrary to popular belief this team has PIECES it just needs a leader. it wont happen over ngiht but with either Eli or The Berg as the future QB with Quan and Johnson at WR and Shipp at RB and BiG aka Leonard Davis on the line this team atleast has hope.


this time last year everyone said Marv Lewis was crazy for taking the Bungle job ( sorry Hugg ) and now look, that team has potential to improve to be a contender and they have a young QB ready to step in next year


Denny can do it :thumbup

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this time last year everyone said Marv Lewis was crazy for taking the Bungle job ( sorry Hugg ) and now look, that team has potential to improve to be a contender and they have a young QB ready to step in next year

I was about to say that in response to Maggs post, but thanks for bringing in another "Bungles" reference, that's just what this forum needed.

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i 4 1 am convinced that our boy Denny will have the cards program changed..... clearly there gonna select a QB


Eli or Big Ben ethier way its a win - win thing..... along to go with the best Rookie WR we all have seen in a long ass time.....


nobody said Mooch was gonna change the Lions in 1 year but clearly tehre gonna improve.....


1 more WR and more D picks and a healthy RB they will be ballin.....


marv did it with the Bunguls in 1 year... Bill did it with teh cowgals in 1 year and we all know they need mad help on the Offensive side......


just wait i cant wait to see the bad teams ova take teams like SF,Tampa,NE and Ten......


its happning...... and clearly its going on in the NFC just wait more paraody will kick in.....


and when Sunday coems you wont know who's gonna win anything... like right now i dunno even know whose gonna win 1 these playoff games

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