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DVD anyday.


The quality is a lot better and I like how they have widescreen and stuff. Plus like Das said, it's a lot easier to find scenes. The special features aren't a must, but they're cool. I like the deleted scenes. And I don't even think they're that much mor expensive.


But hey, that's just me.

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DVDs are better because it's better quality, you have the option to choose between widescreen and full screen, more features, and best of all you don't have to rewind.

i have 20-10 vision and I do not see any notable difference between DVDs and VHS. Oh yeah, DVDs aren't as loud so you have to pump up the volume to the max. Besides the music, you miss the dialogue because the god damn music is too loud.


I have great vision. flat screen, plasma, normal TV, dvd, vhs...all the same crap. the difference isn't worth a 50% price hike in DVDs and thousands of dollars for "top notch" tvs. if the picture looks real, i'm fine.

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Gotta go with DVD's. The quality is so much better and they last longer. I mean VHS tapes visual quality gets worse as they get older.


Only positive about the VHS tapes is that its cheaper but DVD is worth the extra couple of dollars because they last longer and many extra features, like finding scenes easier, option of widescreen or full screen and of course all those deleted scenes and information about the movie.

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DVD's. Quality is a billion times better, I don't have to rewind, I can choose scenes at will, and I actually watch the special features, thank you very much. Plus, I can't watch a VHS on my laptop now can I.

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