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Miami Heat @ Milwakee (1-9-2004)


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Caron had 2 points? Nice.....


You guys were ready to hand out season MVP after his last game..

Yeah, what a slap in the face. :banghead


I didn't even watch the whole game (I fell asleep during the 2nd quarter :plain well it was because I was tired).


Lamar Odom is getting more aggressive, good for him. But not a good way to start a road trip, without Dwyane, dammit. CBut needs to step up!!!!

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i officially resign from my position as a Heat fan after this season in order to pursue being a Charlotte Bobcat fan. That is unless the Heat win the title or pigs fly. I think theres a better chance of pigs flying though.

Fair wether fan aren't we? not really, it's not really about winning and losing. I just used to be a Charlotte Hornets fan because I live here in NC and when they moved to New Orleans I just quit following them and became a fan of the Heat. The Bobcats are just a lot closer and easier to follow. that doesn't mean that if NC got a baseball team I would be a fan because for example I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan even though we have the Panthers. (I the panthers, go rams.) Now, all of my favorite pro teams I will have followed since there inception as well. That's pretty cool.

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