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Denny Bautista..


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Orioles prospect Denny Bautista has been found to be two years and two months older than his listed age of 21.

Bautista was born on Aug. 23, 1980, not Oct. 23, 1982. The change takes a little away from him as a prospect, but he still has No. 2-starter stuff, and after the progress he made last season, it looks like he has a chance to reach his ceiling. The Orioles have also learned that Jose Morban, who spent last year in the majors because he was a Rule 5 pick, is two months older than previously believed.

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i understand maybe lying about it if your in your mid to late 20s but early 20's? thats idiotic

well you can't really decide to lie about it when you're in your mid to late 20's. you have to lie about it as soon as you enter the system.


if he hadn't been caught, he could have pretended to be a 33 year old when in actuality he's 35 and reaching the end of his career.


or he could've pretended to be a youthful 28 year old and secured a nice long contract when in actuality he's really 30.

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what a dork....I don't really see why players lie about their age.

Yea, it could only extend your career an extra few years, giving yourself the opprotunity to earn more salary throughout your lifetime. lying about your age is awesome even at the beginning of your career.


if you're "25" and pitching, everyone will think you haven't even reached your peak yet. they'll expect you to get even better.


look at kerry wood. he's in his mid twenties and just got a $10m contract from the cubs, and they're trying to work out a multiyear contract before the season starts. imagine if he were dominican and really 28 years old.

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