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2004 NFL Mock Draft

Ben Franklin

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2004 NFL Mock Draft


Official Sign Up Sheet






Now here is how the selection process goes:


You will send me a PM telling me your top 3 choices as well as why you want the team that is your top choice. This is being done due to the glut of Miami Dolphin fans. You have to give me 3 choices for me to consider you to be the Dolphin GM. I will give you until Sunday at 10 PM eastern to send me your PM. Thanks.





atlanta Heckeroo

arizona ncmarlin

carolina Admin

chicago BurnettHeat34

dallas KJC


greenbay phlub

minnesota phlub

new orleans

new york giants FishFaninPA

philadelphia JMLinkinPark

san francisco minus

st. louis


tampa bayMr. Bandwagon

washington Clapinski02

baltimore Minus


cincinatti big hugg

cleveland Fish2Repeat


houston Beinfest4Prez

indianapolis Hotcorner

jackonsville geemoney

kansas city daComebackKid

miami DaGreatOne

new england brian a. woodworth

new york jetsFishFaninPA

oakland bman8316

pittsburgh chefbob

san diego maskedavenger88

tennessee Special K

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As you can see I still have a number of openings. I tried my best to accomodate as many people as possible. But with so many wanting Miami, it was very difficult to do so. I tried to do it in the best way possible.


To those wanting the teams still open. I am not making it first come first served. Post in this thread for a team. I will update as I see teams claimed.

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NC do you say that simply because I'm a Packers fan? :shifty :D


That'd just hurt my image as a football fan.


For Minnesota I'm planning a LB, DE, or CB.


Something like...


Karlos Dansby, DJ Williams, Will Smith, Kenechi Udeze, Chris Gamble, or DeAngelo Hall with their pick.


And for da Bears...



Vince Wilfork, or Shawn Andrews.


The Packers draft board is extensive and will never be disclosed.

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