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Starsky and Hutch


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I just got back from Starsky and Hutch and my impressions were as follows:


-I was a bit disappointed by the car chase sequence. A lot of the shows sole purpose was to build-up to that chase at the end and I expected the movies to be all that and a bag of chips.


-My favorite two people in the film were Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman as the lackey stooge (took me a second to recognize him at first).


-The first ten minutes in I honestly thought it was going to suck. But it got a lot better pretty quickly.


All in all a solid movie.

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Well, supposedly Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller have done seven movies together. Can anyone name all seven? Here's what I came up with off the top of my head...


1. Royal Tenenbaums

2. Zoolander

3. Meet the Parents

4. Starsky and Hutch

those are the only 4 I can think of as well.


Owen Wilson did stuff with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights...I don't think Stiller played any part in those movies. And I don't see Stiller playing a role in Behind Enemy Lines.


I dont think Wilson was in Heavyweights either. :D

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