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You know, I have been going to Pro Player stadium for baseball since 1992 I had season tickets since 94 and I have been to 6 world series games in that ball park. I have so many FOND memories in that park and as many things as I hate about that park, I also love. See, I think there is something magical about it, I think playing there gives our team and the style of basbeall we play an advantage. We had so many exciting moments there last season. You have to wonder had we been playing in a newer smaller park, would we have even had the chance to make the playoff's last year?


I understand the economic reasons for a new park, I understand the ergonomic reasons too, but I for one will miss it, I will always remember all the good times I had at that park

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I don't think the new ballpark would be smaller. Admin Beinfest likes PPS. Don't be surprised if the new ballpark has the same dimensions, the Teal Tower, the Bermuda Triangle, and the bullpens along the lines. All the factors that make PPS an interesting place for baseball could be taken along. The fan areas are what would need to change, and that doesn't affect the play on the field.

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Guest Juanky

How about an exact replica but smaller?

If by smaller you mean less seats but same dimensions, we can do that. But if by smaller you mean smaller dimensions, I'm not going to be too fond of that. I mean a home is a home, but if you are going to do something do it right.

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You think the marlin's gave up on hialeah race track?if they make a ballpark there don't be surprised to see me there 50-60 home game's per season lol...

thats definitely not the best site


but i would definitely go to over 40 games a year if they did

it has a metrorail station...thats a plus :thumbup

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