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  1. Bold Predictions On-Field: Marlins will win 74-83 games. Wichita Wind Surge will make a run in the AAA playoffs. Off-Field: Marlins will sign an exclusive local TV deal with a streaming service (ESPN+, Amazon Prime, etc.) based on what I’m hearing negotiations aren’t going great With Fox Sports Florida.
  2. I completely agree, if the organization chooses to sign a 15-30 year deal they should definitely have a Rays Relocation clause.
  3. The Marlins TV deal expires at the end of this season and since the Rays are most likely going to leave the Tampa Bay Area by 2027, the Marlins organization should only sign a 7-10 year TV deal. Right now the odds for the Rays are as follows: Full-Time Stadium in Tampa Bay Area: 5% Split Season Plan with Tampa Bay and Montreal: 5% (Link below has story from the past week on Split Season Plan: Leaving Tampa Bay Area: 90% Sports fans never want to see a city lose their team but it seems that in this case, it’s inevitable by 2027. With this being the overwhelming outcome, the Ma
  4. We were 10th one week ago. Do these trades move us into the Top 5?
  5. Tonight’s attendance was very impressive: 9,469 Only Friday Night with higher attendance was 5/17 vs. Mets: 9,870. We will have our first 10,000+ Friday Night very soon. Starting Pitching was impressive, bullpen was great tonight, Offense was very productive. We will make the playoffs by 2021. The rest of the Division is in chaos, Phillies are overrated, Nationals are mediocre, and the Mets are a soap opera, the Braves are our only competition.
  6. This has to be the greatest Twitter thread I have ever seen. Geff clearly Point-by-Point explains why there can’t be any more excuses for not attending games. The best part is after the thread when the first fan reply is how these players might get traded when they reach arbitration. Geff responds by telling the fan that having a**es in the seats helps! We can’t as a fanbase live in fear that our favorite players will be traded away. This ownership group has proven that they can make transactions that are in the short and long term interest of the team. If this team performs the way
  7. Attendance was 7,327 last night. The only Tuesday Night with better attendance was April 16th vs. Cubs. 8,137. Our attendance is improving as the team develops.
  8. I knew we were going to grow into a much larger fan base if the Rays left. Having exclusive TV rights to the state of Florida will help us have a much larger payroll.
  9. I agree completely and think it’s worse than Loria, Loria made boneheaded moves at times but in the end he always genuinely wanted the best for the team and the best for South Florida. He signed a 13 Year, $300 Million contract for Stanton. That takes commitment. On Opening Day of 2018, the Rays owner complained during an in-game interview about how the new $3 coffee they were promoting was ”too cheap”. Just think if you’re a Rays fan, why would I spend money to support a team when I may not be able to attend any postseason games. Finally, if they ever win a World Series (They Haven’t
  10. The tide is turning, since Mid-May when the team had it’s winning streak, the Rays and Orioles have been promoted as the clown show of baseball as opposed to the Marlins. There are four teams with worse records than the Marlins, all in the American League The Orioles are expected to break the record for most HR’s given up with a lot of time to spare. With our starting pitching, we will have at least 20,000 per night in the stands and make the playoffs by 2021.
  11. The team could try to come to an agreement with the city where they could go back to being the Florida Marlins with heavy promotion of the city of Miami via having an F insignia on the front of the cap while putting Miami on the back, TV/Radio promotion of the city during game telecasts, having a Miami Road Alternate Uniform etc.
  12. It’s better for baseball if the Rays leave Florida and go to Montreal. The Marlins should get a TV deal of over $100Million per year because of their territorial exclusivity of Florida with almost 10 Million TV households. We could go back to being the Florida Marlins and have 1 or 2 Home Games per year in Tampa or Orlando.
  13. 18 Months ago everyone thought that Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter overpaid for the Marlins. Now it looks like they might make alot of money by being the only MLB team in Florida Our TV Deal should be at least $90 Million per year based on territorial exclusivity in almost 10 million TV households alone.
  14. Kansas City is close by but St. Louis has vast TV territory that stretches into Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Other franchises that have good attendance numbers because of distance are Arizona and Seattle. If a franchise is placed in Portland it will negatively affect Seattle’s ability to compete.
  15. The baskets are used in order to keep fans from reaching into the ivy to catch a potential Home Run. Also, in my latest post regarding the thread The Rays are Leaving and the Marlins are Staying I detail why I’m frustrated with Baseball’s situation in Florida.
  16. It’s not that simple but it speaks to the fact that some of the excuses used by Tampa fans are not valid. Us Marlins fans are willing to put up with all of the same traffic and other hurdles in order to support our team, even if we are frustrated with the product on the field. I also believe that when the Rays move out in the next decade, it will open up many opportunities that the Marlins haven’t had since 1994-1998. I find it to be no coincidence that our most successful years were when there was only one team in the state of Florida. Our TV ratings, merchandise sales, and sponsorship rev
  17. The point of the topic is pointing out how foolish the National Baseball Media is for bashing the Marlins fanbase which is upset about the current product on the field while Tampa can’t even turn out 10,000 on a weeknight for a team that is going to win 95+ games.
  18. Marlins (Projected 42-48 Win Season) Tuesday, April 30th Attendance (Night): 7,247 Wednesday, May 1st Attendance (Night): 7,262 Rays (Projected 98-104 Win Season) Monday, May 6th Attendance (Night): 8,124 Tuesday, May 7th Attendance (Night): 8,059 The Numbers Tell The Story
  19. Definition of Rebuilding: to repair, especially to dismantle and reassemble with new parts The key that us fans need to keep in mind is the last part (to dismantle and reassemble with new parts). Mr. Jeter needs to obtain the parts necessary to win a championship while completely dismantling the previous roster’s structure. This is what Loria was never able to successfully implement, the team would always be half rebuilt. Rebuilding is far from easy and needs to be done using multiple avenues. The Draft: We should obtain the #1 Pick in both the 2020 and 2021 drafts along with havi
  20. I don’t think he’s being fake as much as he is tired of the pile on of negativity surrounding the organization. He thinks the negativity is unfair to fans who have gone through the last decade of mediocrity followed by tragic loss followed by organizational restructuring. I think Jeter has a specific plan for the team that will lead to sustainable success. That is why I have not criticized him. Loria did not plan for sustainable success. Loria Bad Farm System 27th Overpaying for Stanton without having a good starting rotation after Fernandez Unclear Marketing Message Jeter
  21. Building a dome and counting on a MLB team is BAD public policy. According to Wikipedia, The stadium was finished in 1990. It hosted the 1990 Davis Cup Finals that autumn, as well as several rock concerts, The Suncoast Dome finally got a regular tenant in 1991, when the Arena Football League's Tampa Bay Storm made their debut. Two years later, the National Hockey League's Tampa Bay Lightning made the stadium their home for three seasons. In the process, the Suncoast Dome was renamed the ThunderDome. Because of the large capacity of what was basically a park built for baseball, several NHL and
  22. Tropicana Field does have a scoreboard but it is one of those 90’s style lightbulb scoreboards, not a large high definition screen that displays information. Their concourse is not nearly as open as the one in Marlins Park. St. Petersburg didn’t “gamble” on having baseball when they built Tropicana Field. The city built the Suncoast Dome in 1990 to host conventions, CFB bowl games and events such as Monster Jam. It just so happened to be that MLB came in 1998. The dome was cheaply built eight years before the Rays came in so the city didn’t “gamble” on baseball at all. By the way, that g
  23. The Marlins situation is much different from the Rays situation. The Marlins draw 7,000-9,000 fans for a rebuilding team. The Rays draw 9,000 fans per night with a team that is LEADING the AL East. The only instances in which the Rays draw 10,000 or more fans is if their facing the Yankees or Red Sox. I’ve been to Marlins Park this year and it looks AMAZING, the renovations that we’re completed further enchance the profile of the stadium and provide more interactive areas for fans (specifically younger generations). Tropicana Field is an old concrete dome that has no outdoor view a
  24. According to a news report, Sinclair Broadcasting has agreed to buy the Fox Regional Sports Networks for about $10 Billion. Sinclair owns Stadium which is 24/7 sports network that specializes in highlighting Group of 5 NCAA programs with live events from C-USA, Sun Belt, Mountain West, etc.). Interesting to see if the sale will effect coverage of the Marlins in the long term. FYI: Sinclair will be negotiating the Marlins TV Deal which ends shortly. Also, Sinclair gets all of the Florida Gators multimedia rights including Radio, TV Studio Shows, and other forms of marketing such as signage
  25. Fox Sports recently added the Marlins opening day game vs. the Rockies on Fox Sports Go for those in North and Central Florida. Marlins Live! is airing now.
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