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  1. He was like a cheetah in the dugout ready for any old man to start something. 474169[/snapback] wheres Don Zimmer when you need him :lol
  2. I dont but my mom does, she has all my life, and I still hate the smell
  3. I know Penny has owned the expos but dont we usually rock biddle?
  4. make note: Brad Penny is 11-3 career against the expos.. GO BRAD!
  5. Name: Mike Age: 13 Location: S. Florida Sex: male which do you like more? hotdog/burger: hotdog (sometimes burger if its cheese ) skittles/m&ms: skittles Geico Commercial/ Washington Mutual Commercial: Geico House/appartment: house paper/plastic: paper, I can write things sprint/verison wireless: Sprint, because it might make me faster rock/rap: rock blondes/brunettes: does it matter? cookie/brownie: cookie TGI Fridays/Tony Romas: TGI Nautica/tommy hillflinger ( :lol ): neither Krispey Kream/Dunkin Doughnuts: Dunkin Doughnuts Dell/Compaq: Dude, you getting a dell! Spiderman/Batman: Spidey, them webs are nice Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla u/me: me whats on your computer background? Mike Lowell hitting a homerun and it says OWNED at the bottom what posters do you have? None whats design does your mouse pad have? no mouse pad what colors your room? Teal...ish what pets do u have? 3 Gerbils and a dog are u gonna miss me when i leave tomorrow? Of course! Who wouldnt? Who ever doesnt is wrong! :lol
  6. Guess whos back??? 470149[/snapback] sheff#1? OMG He's so cool! :lol ahh I like doing these things sometimes
  7. lets go fishies! I started watchin when we were down 2-0
  8. Michael

    that guy....

    well, i know a few girls who like sports. One i'm kinda seeing....but she's a f***ing braves fan... 469696[/snapback] oh god, man...how do you live seeing a braves fan? Oh my god! We aint gonna lose you! Get her and then make her a Marlins fan
  9. Damn You Viagra! :plain 469737[/snapback] Erection Field! :lol
  10. stupid piece of :censored that :censored ing killed me!
  11. my little friend. 469727[/snapback] whatever
  12. lets get 100,000 seats for the fans
  13. Speaking of ESPN, what happened to the guy on Sportscenter that said "SAY HELLO TO A LITTLE FRIEND!" Whenever someone hit either a decent or monster homerun?
  14. Phillies Suck Stadium! Phillies Suck Stadium!!!
  15. Conine's age is geting to him, yes start easley in left
  16. Conine Foul strike 1 Called Strike 2 that was high!
  17. Top 8th ---------------- 4. Cabrera 1-3 5. Conine 1-3 6. Choi 0-2
  18. Lowell doing his best AGon impersonation :lol 468992[/snapback] yeah, lowell sayin "I can do that too!"
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