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  1. is your buddy a Cubs fans? Zing! :thumbup
  2. during the cubs vs marlins nlcs i heard that a white soxs bar in chicago was giving out free drinks for every marlins home run after i heard that i became a white soxs fan too i hope they win the whole thing A lot of bars did that, it was such a great time to have them in the city...especially since what they did to that other Chicago team in 2003. There is always a place in our hearts for the Marlins. I went to one of those games last year, what an experience that was. No lets do this White Sox!
  3. You do know why you have Pods,Iguchi, Dye, AJ, etc. is because of "Ozzieball" don't you? Exactly. But to me...Ozzie is not a fantastic manager. He really is nothing more than a clubhouse leader. Something managers rarely do. Ozzie does that fantastically, but his on-field tactics are bad. I want him back for years to come, I would rather have a guy who is going to pump you up
  4. Thanks for your support! We never forget here on the South Side. Good luck in 2006! Go Fish and go Sox!
  5. it almost looks like an event logo....e.g. an NLCS logo. not bad though. 619300[/snapback] I liked it until you said this. It is ok, but not spectacular. They needed something with stars and crap in it. I like the plain concept, but it looks like a venue banner rather than a team logo.
  6. Sounds like a great guy, too bad he ended up leaving. It will be a shame that I will only get to hear him about 5 times in the upcoming year -- see I really don't watch the Scrubs - they suck! I guess them getting Len gives you one more reason to hate them...not that you needed more than one.
  7. Cubs looking at your guy. "With O'Brien out of the picture, the Cubs will look to either Len Kasper, the play-by-play voice of the Florida Marlins, or Matt Vasgersian, who handles those duties for the San Diego Padres. There has been some question whether San Diego would let Vasgersian out of the final two years of his contract. If the Cubs want to avoid going through that exercise again, they could select Kasper, whose deal has expired with the Marlins." Link Is he any good? Do you guys like him? If he is good, I would like to him to stay in Flordia and never come to the Scrubs.
  8. This may have been posted before, but does anyone know if Stone left of his own accord or was he pushed out? 605171[/snapback] All the talk in Chicago is that he left on his own, but if you were up here all year you would know that Baker probably had a lot in him not being back in 2005. He is a player's manager, that is for certain. The only problem is he ruins arms and doesn't manager like one should. He is another reason why the Cubs suck, add him to the long list.
  9. The guy is a baby, pure and simple. The only uniform I want to see him in is a Cubs one, because he is just such a cancer and the Cubs and their curse-escuse ridden fans and losers. The only curse is the Irish curse...and you can print that!
  10. They should be coming out soon, but remember that they only give one a day.
  11. I don't think the Red Sox are cursed. I don't think the Cubs are either. I just think they both choke and stink. Since 1917, the last "Real" (White) Sox series, they have been to only 2...including the Black Sox scandal. Since 1917, the Red Sox have been 6 WS, including this one. Since 1917, the Cubs have been to 6 WS. You tell me who is really cursed.
  12. As long as either one wins the WS, to me it doesn't matter who wins this series. Though I would like Houston because they have never been there before.
  13. Javier would be good for any team, and he would be great in the NL. Brown is about as washed up as a player could be.
  14. Sosa is now filing a grivance over the fine. Sorry, $87,000 is like $100 to you and me, we hate to lose it but it is nothing really. Chicago talk radio and newspapers are all talking about where he will be next year. I hope it is still in Chicago, so they can boo his ass and rip on him all year. The guy is a baby and a bum.
  15. what the hell is that Scooter thing that explains the pitches? Who was the moron that came up with that? I have seen that in the past, it doesn't work for a night game, it is totally stupid and for kids. During a Saturday day game on Fox it might work, MIGHT I say, but not for night games when kids are watching something else. It makes me sad watching the games, that is for sure.
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