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  1. of course, you all stay quiet cause you know it's true
  2. crazy a$$ senator Motherfu(kers...you can't belive anything else here everyday they say a god damn diffrent thing....what's so hard about a accepting a stadium for a freakin team that has had such big influence here DAMN
  3. First Name? NATALIE Were you named after anyone? NO What is your favorite lunch meat? NO MEAT, CHICKEN What is your birth date? JANUARY 1ST What is your most embarrassing CD? NONE Do you think that you are strong? physically? emotionally? spiritually? YES AND NO What is your favorite cereal? COOKIE CRISP The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? EYES Hair Color? BROWNISH RED Where was the last place you went out to eat? TGI FRIDAYS If you have a significant other, how long you two been together? IM SINGLE N LOVING IT BABY If you have a SO.. Describe th
  4. can't you see why they're child molesters?? they get nothing better looking like that
  5. :lol you ruined it in the title of this thread by saying you got scared...now everyone obviously knows there's something thats gonna scare them, and they'll be aware of it
  6. Name? Natalie Age? 18 Birthday? January 1st Looking back, what was you most embarrassing screen name? this one :plain Do you look like any celebs, if so who? i dont know, do i? Are you a virgin? im not telling all you freaks :mischief If yes, would you have sex before marriage? see my above answer Do you shave down south? of course, im not hairy there that's nasty If you had one wish, and only one, what would it be an why? isn't it obvious? look at my profile and you'll see my wish...can you tell? Favorite Food? chocolate baby :thumbup Do you work out? i a
  7. HAHA. that loduca quote. if only i'd thought of it first. 749410[/snapback] you KNOW its true :thumbup
  8. laz, any comments on what juanky said other than your previous post?
  9. damn, thats all you people think about, it was supposed to be a non-sexual thread until you made it indiffrent, you sickos
  10. how about....yes, lock it...these desperate freaks are too much
  11. Juanky,that was absolutley amazing, i'm speechless...no words describe how great that post was
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