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  1. DODGERS WIN 6-5!!! YES MARLINS ONLY 2 GAMES BACK, 1 BACK IN THE LOSS COLUMN CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :hat
  2. Diamondbacks officially beat the Padres Dodgers up 4-1 in the bottom of the 6th
  3. ROCKIES WIN!!! REDS losing 5-0 to the Giants
  4. If they dont sign Cabrera because of "market" correction, Loria and Midget Sampson can go f*** themselves. I'd be done with this petty franchise. You just dont f***ing let a legendary talent like Cabrera walk away.
  5. He'd continue his steak of youngest to hit 30 HRs for multiple seasons. My ideal stats for Cabrera, .340 AVG 30HR 100+RBI, less than 100 strikeouts, OPS above 1.000 (he's at .999). I know thats asking alot but theres still 41 games left
  6. Josh Johnson has won 10 games but DAN UGGLA has HELPED win in 56 games. You do the math to whose more valuable. Without Uggla's bat, we'd be approaching 80 losses right now. YES, even with Johnson in the lineup.
  7. I'd rather see cabz get 30 HRs than the batting title.
  8. Olivo gunned Utley out after he had a great jump AND Nolasco threw a curveball. Great stuff. :hat . What a throw by Olivo
  9. End of 2nd inning. We're hitting the ball well, we are just getting robbed.
  10. Cookie Rojas is HORRIBLE. Shut up already :banghead .
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