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  1. He'll accept a minor league assignment and be recalled in 3 weeks.
  2. The decision to let Uggla walk is an example of something Loria, et al did that was the right thing to do. Be careful saying nice things about Loria he could still trade for him back
  3. Now its time to trade hanley and LoMo to Seattle for King Felix and sign Albert.
  4. At least we didn't sign Dan Uggla to 5 years to have him perform like he is performing now! I think that would be worse than Buck and Javy.
  5. I have Yankees-Angels too. I'm watching the Marlins game on Extra Innings. NJ is a blackout region for the Yankees so that's probably why we have it!
  6. MLB network showing two Marlins games this week its awesome. I am in NJ by the way!
  7. Pinto is this years Hermida! Wait is that an improvement for him?
  8. We could take Willis back? They would probably pay most of his salary....
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