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  1. my team over there is chelsea ... got into them while living in london for a few months loved the leeds chant from a few years back "beckham, beckham, beckham - does she take it in the arse?!" ... or quite simply "posh spice takes it in the arse" .... the chants that led to his throwing the "v" at the crowd ... good stuff and cricket has rules aside from showing up and drinking yourself into a coma?
  2. the marlins are turning heads .. on the espn poll about potential WS matchups about 40% of the fans voted on a matchup involving the marlins also i've talked to many people who are just getting experience what we've had all year ... a very fun ball club one guy i work with is pulling for the cubs but can't stop praising the marlins .. he is caught up in the false nostalgia of the cubbies ... but i dont' think he'd cry if the marlins win people are starting to take note ... and if they make the WS many will be pulling for them
  3. as a grad of another PA school (drexel university in philly) I often caught crap for being a marlins fan of course my freshman year started with them winning the series ... but the years after that got kind of rough ... many bad days in the vet anyhow, i digress ... here's hoping the marlins take it again .. hell of an experience .. still early in the year, really don't know anyone and then getting flak for being a marlins fan ... next thing you know they have a series championship and all the yankee/mets/phillies fans are envious and everyone just kind of looks at you as you oddly walk
  4. Arnold is tapping into good resources ... he has brought on Jaime Escalante to help him with educational issues, especially as they relate to the hispanic community ... in fact he is dipping into the teachers, superintendants and people associated with washington groups for his educational team He has also receieved support from George Schultz and Warren Buffett. The guy is building up a good staff around him. For the record he is educated gaining a degree from the University of Wisconsin - Superior. He has had much success in the business world parlaying his bodybuilding career into
  5. how are the people in cali suppose to umderstand what this guy says he can't talk right english. repeat he can't talk right english. too much
  6. MinneMarlin

    Admin King

    Admin king ask a dumb, soft question?!?! surely you jest?
  7. i liked leiter in game 1 ... seemed very nervous at first, but settled in nicely ... even would contradict lyons ("well, actually that was a 2 seamer, but anyway..") didn't seem to be really biased or anything
  8. yeah .. i see where he did the 7th inning last night (curiousity sent me over to buffettnews.com) .. huge buffett fan and it's been known that he's a cubs fan (blech) .... although i don't agree with his politics i don't think he's a commie ... at least he keeps his political thoughts out of his music and usually doesn't shoot off his mouth too much on it ... will do fundraisers and speak about dem. friends ... but nothing too bad, not like those who think that their opinion means something because they are famous and decide to throw it at you constantly still a fan
  9. ugh .. i had suppressed the alex fernandez memory ... that's probably when this train of thought first started to happen with me .. another good (sad?!) example
  10. what is the deal with buffett?!?!
  11. i've been roasted for saying this before and yet i'm going to say it again i think brad penny would be a lot better pitcher if he lost about 20 lbs the guy is very talented and very inconsistent .. at times he doesn't pitch right, which is a concern especially since redman has been on the roster all year showing that good location and knowing the game can carry you .. add that with penny's stuff and he could be dominant but back to the weight issue ... it's been a problem that i've noticed ... livan struggled his first year here when he was in the minors, he got homesick, had a proble
  12. good start .. now we just need brad to have his stuff today ... his inconsistency kills me
  13. :fyou networks/mlb you know, the giants are a west coast team .. also do you realize that there are marlin fans on pacific time (like me in arizona) starting both weekday games at 1 local time blows .. now i need to watch it on gamecast, during a busy work week while avoiding the bosses .... blech and to add frusteration i'll be out of town travelling on saturday so i'll miss that game as well .... if i don't get to see a single playoff game i'll be pissed .. bad enough i've only been able to watch 3 games this year ... when living in philly that would be the number i saw live per ser
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