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You guys seem to love competitoins so here is mine


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Guest Juanky

Get the f*** out of here with this bulls***


The team isn't moving


The team isn't folding


We are winning the f***ing title again


End of Discussion No Questions Asked

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In 2008 the Florida Marlins will be called the Florida Marlins, because no baseball team has been relocated since the vast majority of you here on this board were not even a thought in your daddy's sperm cells!

Exactly. I think that by 2007, this team might have a better shot at making money.


$9 million a year from Hampton off the books. $4 million a year from Pudge off the books. New radio and free TV contracts soon. MLB has a new TV deal coming up in 2007 which will hopefully give the team more money. MLB may find new sources of revenue like MLB.com has turned into. You just never know. Loria will make lemonade with lemons or sell. Selig doesn't like moving teams, the owners will not move teams, and the new commissioner will not be as liberal as Selig so teams will be concreted to their cities after 2007 until a new commish appears.

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The Marlins aren't going anywhere any time soon.


Loria and company will have to keep looking at other possiblities.


Their attempts to pressure local and state politicians have not produced results within the timeframe solely determined by the team.


The Marlins deserve and need a new stadium.


A new stadium will happen, and in South Florida....it will take continued effort to make it happen.


In the meanwhile, let's get back into the playoffs!


Go Marlins.

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