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The D-Train is chugging

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He is for real. Everyone said that we saw his true form late last year, but guess what- the dominant side of him is back. No earned runs in his 3 starts so far? That's ridiculous :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy


Not to mention he hasn't even been in the league for a year yet... imagine in a few years when he is in his prime.

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Far too early to say anything Cy Young like, but he has been good. Needs to keep this up this year. Hope he can keep it up this year and doesnt repeat last year

May be too early......but wow, he sure makes you wonder.


No other starter has done anything even close to what Dontrelle has accomplished so far.

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Wow, 19.1 innings without giving up a run.


Is it too early to say Cy Young????


Seriously, We needed a good game from Dontrelle to get back on track, and once again he outperformed all expectations.


Incredible. :thumbup



edit: 19.1 innings this year

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