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Superman or Batman?


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Which one is more badass?


Me: I'd go with Batman. Not only does he not need any crappy invincibility powers, but he could take ANYONE down. He he knows the five point exploding heart punch, but never uses it. I can respect that.


And he's the only one in the whole DC universe (aside from some villains who are then properly trounced) who EVER stands up to Superman (and yet, never gets trounced).



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Guest marlins02

give me batman. the dark cool asskicking batman, not the idiot adam west batman from back in the day or the batman from the last two movies

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Batman gets by with less, but in a one-on-one fight with Superman, the fight would be over in about 1.2 seconds. Superman wins, no contest.


But Batman's more badass. He's cool; Superman's a geek.

You know Superman gave Batman a kryptonite ring to put him down in case he ever got out of control, right? He told Batman, if it ever came down to it, he'd probably be the only one who would voluntarily kill Superman. Batman could take Superman, he just needs the ring in his trusty belt.


Batman needs sidekicks for stability. Otherwise he's just a crazy militaristic nut. With the sidekick, he's balanced and cannot stray to far in his war. This has been proven time and time again when there is no Robin to balance Batman out and the readers get tired of doom n' gloom bats. He needs Robin.

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Batman only because he's a dark guy .... he doesn't reveal much, he's got more gadgets than McGiver and his ride is pimp.


Now in a battle superman would win.... i mean c'mon the dude is SUPERman.... the only chance that batman has is by having a trick up in his belt (krytonite) but that would be cheating.



I still like aquaman ... the dude can talk to fishes, now thats a superpower.


but my very favorite of all time, and he could really kick anyone's ass is the main man... the green latern.... that dude is amazing, no one can stand up to him. :notworthy

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Of course Marvel is better DC.

I liked Marvel better when I was a kid, but I admit to liking DC more now. They both have cool stuff going on now anyways, so there's less parity between the two. Besides, I see better independant stuff (Dark Horse, etc.) put out on a case by case basis than by anything put out by the big houses.


Who said you can't cheat in a fight?

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