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Today's MVP...

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Good to see people not bash him for once ;) . I am an 100% A-Gon supporter and was proud to see him do well tonight. He got his first RBI last night, and got a couple tonight which was nice to see. His first HR of the season looked like a rocket launched from Cape Canaveral (sp?). Great Defense, and I never thought anyone could throw someone out the way he did in the position he was in the 8th (or 9th) inning. Great game A-gon!

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Wrong. It was Pavs. I think he only gave up 2 runs without K'ing any batters. That is ridiculous!


A Gon had a nice game, and that is encouraging. He wasnt going to hit .150 all year, but for those that were knocking him - they werent totally out of line. I hope he can keep it up, I really think SeaBass could be a very good hitter in this league with good power. He just has to learn to hit the ball the other way.

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ummmm Pavano? .... 8 innings and could have very well completed the game, allowed 2 runs with only 1 walk. AT COORS !!!



but it wasn't my pick

I could have said Pavano, but I thought it was great to see A-Gon go out there and look like the A-Gon from early last year. He finally stepped up and played good on both sides.

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You've got to give it to Gonzo. Cabrera had 2 RBIs....but Gonzos defense was stellar.....and that was the difference.


Nice play by Cabrera to rob Holliday of the HR...so Cabs gets a close 2nd.


And Pavs was terrific on the mound...so he's 3rd in my book.


And how about Conine going 3 for 4 and breaking out of his slump....you've got to love that as well.

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