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27 Hits!


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wow thats all I gotta say ... he is fast (11sb) but has been caught 10 times which is horrible

That's the main reason Milwaukee let him go and started the Scott Podsednik era.


That guy has amazing speed, but gets horrible jumps stealing bases and playing center field.

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27 hits for the Tigers against the Royals as they win 17-7, tying a Club Record from 1928.




Carlos Pena, 6-6 5 RBI

Alex Sanchez 4-6

Omar Infante 4-4

WOO! Go Tigers! :thumbup



Question: If the Marlins would hit 27 hits in one game, would that mean double dose of donuts for us? :blink: :lol

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thats atlest 3hits per inning i think.3x9=27

Nice Math! whats the suppost to mean? Please tell me you can sense the sarcasm in my post. :blink: sorry then i didnt at first i apoligize for the attitude.

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