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I'm back


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whats the dividing line between north and south....




and see thats why florida cannot be better than texas....




we dont have those stupid divisions....especially amongst outsiders.



Half of Texas is the middle of nowhere...


Like North Florida...


The dividing line between North and South Florida is St. Lucie or Jupiter...


Which ever one is more north...

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Wow Boca Raton is the third richest city in this country....




Big deal....



Now that makes it great, cause there is wealth flowing everywhere and little to no diversity....




Half of Texas is still better than that little sliver called South Florida in terms of greatness.





But like I said, I like Florida, I fail to see whats so bad about Northern and/or Central Florida....They seem like very nice places...



I kinda like Pensacola, havent spent all too much time, but it seems like a nice enough town.




Hell we Texans are not very fond of Houston....but we will still defend the place when confronted by outsiders.

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Wealth doesn't make it the best.

When was the last time you came here?


They have made every section of the city look like Downtown Boca... It's great! I was there pretty recently, was treated like crap by a senior citizen that lived there because we wiped off a bunch of berries that fell off a tree onto the car's glass into the street.

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