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i just bought Aerosmith's new blues CD, Honkin on Bobo, and it freaking rocks. i have always loved Aerosmith and after i heard their song Rag Doll a while back i always wondered if they would come out with a bluesy style record.


if you like the blue or if you like Aerosmith you should check it out. :thumbup

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In my opinion I WOULD have given this album a chance, but I can't stand Aerosmith any longer. I think they're ruining their own legacy with all the overly-sentimental pop crap they've released lately.

which is exactly why i love this album


it isnt pop. not at all. they are going back to their roots. they all loved blues growing up and it is evident in some of their old songs. the reason i did not like their new pop stuff, like jaded, is because they were trying to reinvent themselves to apeal to a younger crowd. forget that crowd. you have to be true to yourself. stick with what you know.


steven tyler is fantastic on the harmonica


oh and passion if you are going to dl some songs i suggest Baby Please Dont Go and Roadrunner. those are very fast beat songs. if you are looking for something slow and really bluesy then dl Never Loved A Girl

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