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US Open


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I'll go with Ernie.


Also David Duval continues his Rick Ankiel disease. He shot 24 over on the first two days I believe. This guy really has lost it.

he has gotten all wierd too


sayin he is just happy to be on the course again and having fun


he has some weird ass demons

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I think that its going to come down to the end. And the way its going you just want to hit for par everytime. Because everyone is having a tough time so just try not to do too much. Just try and stay even.


Woods was having a very tough time. I mean it took him 3 shots just to get it over a little hill. He was very fustrated. But I think he made the best shot. He made an eagle and the shot was a beauty. He even carried around his stuff for a little while after that.


Anyways I think that this game is up for grabs. Anyone can still win. Just try and stay close and you will have a pretty good chance.

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They say that this course is the hardest course in the world in the condition that it is in now.


It is the hardest course I have ever seen. To put it on the green you have to hit like 10 yards before the green for it can stop rolling.


And when you are chipping if you hit it too short, it will roll down back to where you hit it and if you hit it too hard it will roll off the green.


Hard course, Sounds fun.....

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