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Cliff Lee


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They should suspend players like Griffey, Bonds, Manny and Sosa who celebrate every deep fly ball.

Yeah...They wouldnt have suspended him if he wouldnt have been facing Griffey.


And there are a lot of umps that wouldnt have thrown him out of the game.


I think that some umps just like to make sure they have control over the game so they use their power a little more than they really need to.

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This is nothing.? Maybe he shouldn't have been suspended but 6 games is only one start.

Nah, if they suspend him for 1 start he can be used out he bullpen. But all he misses is one start in these 6 games. Its not like he misses 6 starts. He misses 1 start, but 6 games. Since it's guaranteed he won't make a start in thjose six games, he could be used out the bullpen.

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He'll miss 1 start, we'll bump him back a day and he won't miss the second one.


I think it'll get reduced on appeal anyway, at least it better. Purely unfounded. If a Reds player threw a pitch like that at Victor Martinez, they wouldn't get suspended.

That is what I hate about any sport. Certain players get certain calls. You have Miller and Morgan last night say Gagne may have gotten call because of who he is. Bonds get's some calls too. Same thing in the NBA. Whatever happened to treating all men equal, damn it?

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