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Ramp's brush with fame..


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well Im out here in LA on vacation...I come home Thursday morning but here are the celebs i have met....


The Rock(sat next to him on the plane)

Jessica Alba(met her in Barney's-clothes...she is smokin)

Shaq(in the lobby of my hotel}

Spike Lee(sat next to him at dinner)

Jay Leno(met him on the show, and at a car show)

Admin Flynt and some hoes(in the lobby of my hotel)


that's it thru Tuesday...


Tune in tomorrow for more of RAMP'S BRUSH WITH FAME!



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Let's see... I've never met anyone terribly famous, though I had the opportunity to meet and film interviews with Christian singer Joel Hanson (Web Site) last Saturday at WMSJ Night at the Portland Sea Dogs. WMSJ is the local Christian radio station here, and my brother and I volunteer working on their TV program called WMSJ Backstage, which currently airs on 37 channels around New England. The night was great - we got to be in the WMSJ Skybox before the game and we got to hang around with the band during some of the game. While the normal person does not know who Joel Hanson was, that's my "brush with fame." :)

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well... about two years ago, on the deftones/godsmack tour... i hung out with the deftones... yup, had backstage passes, went back there about 6 hours before the show and hung out with them in their tour bus, drinking, playing video games, talking, and a few other things as well... then during their show, stood up on the stage in the corner watching them perform, and i got to hand stef one of his spare guitars, it was cool... after the show, went back to their tour bus, and hung out with them until 2 AM... chino (lead singer) let me preview the cd from his upcoming project Team Sleep... it was incredibly awesome... :D

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:hat :


Well lets see....



I have shacked it up with just about every hot woman you can think of.



Just last weekend I was with:


Briana Banks

Jenna Jameson

Cheyenne Silver

Christina Aguilera


I had to cancel on Britney last week as I was worn out though. She is not bad. There are many more hot hoe's out there though...what can I say, its hard work doing what I do.

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