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ok, so i filled out my all star ballot just now


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my all star ballot looked like this:


american league

1b - n/a

2b - alfonso soriano

ss - michael young

3b - melvin mora

c - ivan rodriguez

of - vladimir guerrero

of - carl crawford

of - manny ramirez

write ins

ortiz, david, boston red sox, 1b


national league

1b - albert pujols

2b - luis castillo

ss - edgar renteria

3b - mike lowell

c - johnny estrada

of - miguel cabrera

of - juan pierre

of - barry bonds



i dont know why they let you vote up to 25 times though

i find that rather stupid. i dont have time for that.

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screw thome. him and his homeruns, trying to catch the marlins. never!


i had the option of pujols over thome. so i took it in a heartbeat.


and no i did NOT select stupid arod either.

i never vote him to the all star game. plus melvin mora is having an insane season, better than lousy arod, he deserves the 3b nod over arod!!!!!!!

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i think its ridiculous that Ortiz isn't on the Ballot... He's having an MVP type year

He is a DH and the game is in Houston.


Shame that Frank Thomas will start over him. But he will make the team. david ortiz is the 1b.


and frank thomas may not even start!


though i want one of those two to start.



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Guest Juanky

I'm glad you have Pudge on there...


Just check out the sig. :thumbup

See, it isn't that I'm not happy he's doing well for you guys


I just hate the f***er

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